Will I get Stimulus Check if H1B has SSN but H4 has ITIN?

Will i get the IRS check if we filed tax return with my H4 wife who has ITIN but i have SSN?

Update 15 April:
Some people have reported on forums here that they did receive money for H1B SSN + H4 ITIN combination.

Many people have directly (privately) have reported to me that they did receive stimulus money in their account even when their H4 spouse has ITIN.

IRS says you may not be eligible for a Stimulus check if your H4 spouse does not have SSN.

We are not sure if they all got it by mistake or what!

More information about this table is available here:

How about this scenario??

H1B SSN + H4 ITIN + Child SSN

Updated the picture.

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Spouse received her SSN on JAN 2020. We filed this years taxes with her ITIN instead of her SSN and this is our scenario : H1 (SSN) + H4(ITIN) + Child(SSN). Based on the picture it seems that we will be eligible only for $1200 + child credit $500. Is it possible to claim my spouse’s amount? if yes what would be the process to do so?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @MdAli

Read this:

Thank you so much for the quick clarification anil!

Am i eligible for Stimulus Check?
me (SSN)+ Spouse (ITIN)+ Child 1 (ITIN) + Child 2 (SSN )?

if yes, will i considered single with one child ? I have been filing Married filing jointly.
Please advise?

Hi @honeycts

I suggest to check here:

Thanks Anil
I checked , per that I am eligible.
I haven’t received anything till date not sure what’s the criteria of getting with IRS but should i stay hopeful ?

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Just curious on the below scenario,
H1B SSN + H4 Spouse ITIN + Child SSN Yes .
Confirmed. But, payment as single. Meaning you will get it based on $1200.
Child Credit $500.

You put confirmed, can you let me know if you heard of anyone already getting the credit as of today?


I share information only after verifying it directly with people. If i have mentioned ‘confirmed’, it means that i did verify it from people who have received it or they have reported it to me directly.

Thanks for confirming.

Appreciate the information you are providing to everyone in the same boat.


Hello Anil, I checked with one of my friend, he falls under following catedory:
H1B SSN + H4 ITIN + Child SSN : He received 2400 stimulus check.

My case is as follows -
H1b SSN +H4 ITIN + Child SSN but i did not receive any check yet.

did your friend has GC ?

Please read this:

No he does not have GC, I-140 Approved

I read it but it does not give proper information that if they have not processed my case for stimulus check or I am not eligible for that.

Did you receive 1200+500 ? My case is similar to you till now i received 0 penny.