Work Experience Calculation after ACS Assessment

Hi Anil,

I have received the ACS Assessment just today. I have total 10.6 Yrs of Exp and ACS have deducted my 2.6 Yrs of Professional Experience.

This makes my new work experience as 8 Yrs as per ACS.

However, I have submitted for ACS Assessment in May 2019.

Will it be possible for me to add another month of Work Experience in EOI which would make the Total Work Experience to 8.1 Yrs.

How can that be done will Certified Service Letter and Recent Payslip should be enough as proof.

Also, with only ACS assessment that I received can I still claim my work experience in 8-10 Yrs band for points calculation.

Apologies for such lengthy question.

You can leave current employment end date empty in your Australia EOI to claim work experience after ACS assessment.

You would need payslips and employment letter from your Employer to claim this extra time.

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Hi Anil,

Thanks for your response on this.

Another question on EOI is that ACS have considered my Work Experience after 31st May 2011. But I worked in a company from 29 Mar 2010 to 14 Aug 2014. How should I enter the work experience details for this company where ACS has considered the experience only after 31 May 2011. Shall I make 2 rows for the same company in EOI because there is option “Is this employment related to the nominated occupation - YES/NO” . So that I can select option “NO” to prior experience before 31 May 2011 for points calculation.

Just place the start date of this Employment as the date marked as relevant by ACS.

Do not write the earlier employment period in EOI.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for the Response. I have worked in MNC from 10 Dec 2008 to 17 Mar 2010. So Should I not include that Experience at all in EOI.
Include that Prior Company details but Select the Option NO — In nominated Occupation

Hi @vishal_kumar

If you include the experience in EOI, it will give you points for that time. If ACS has not marked this experience as ‘relevant’, you cannot use this work experience to claim points.

Hi Anil,

I have received my ACS verification completed letter and it was mentioned with the below information.

“The following employment after 14 March 2011 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled
level and relevant to ANZSCO Code 261312 (Developer Programmer).”

I started my career in 2007 and I almost have 12+ years of experience based on till date.Based on the statement given above,are they telling that my experience would be considered from 2011 to 2019 which would be only 8 years ? Kindly advise.


Hi @nkarthi1983

Yes, your understanding is correct.

While the ACS document states that if it’s a degree is considered as ‘major’ they will deduct 2 years of experience, in your case however they have deducted 2.6. Can you please shed some light on this, as to why this has happened?

Hi @Saby_H

I don’t understand your question.


What I mean is why have 2.6 years been deducted in Mr. Vishal Kumar’s case when ACS should be deducting only 2 years in case of ICT major degree.

Hi @Saby_H

I would just be making a wild guess unless i know your exact work tenure.

Hello @Anil.Gupta my ANZSCO code would be 261313/12 details are as follows:


  1. Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering completed on 30th August 2010. (affiliated from USA)
  2. Postgraduate Advanced Diploma in Software Development: August 2011 to July 2012 (autonomous/non-recognized college)

And employment is as a Software Developer/Engineer for all 3 , duration is as follows:

  1. Company A : 9th July 2012 to 24th Oct 2013
  2. Company B : 28th Oct 2013 to 27th Oct 2015
  3. Company C : 9th November 2015 to current.

Do let me know what do you think would be the ACS evaluation. What are the chances of getting into the 5 year work experience bracket (considering the 2 years of deduction) ?

Thanks for your valuable insights.

Hi @Saby_H

I suggest to read this and calculate yourself:

I got a positive assessment. However I am a couple of months short from crossing the 8 year mark. I am still working with my current employer. Is any additional documents required to prove my employment to gain the extra 5 points? Or do I have to redo the ACS assessment?

Hi @johnhonai

Please read above. Your question has already been answered above.

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Thanks for information Anil, I have two questions on the same, what is meant by employment letter ? And also what will happen in case of switch from the firm which was stated as current employment during ACS to being a contractor; In case of contractor there is no payslip just the account transfer.

Your employer is the company who is paying you salary on paper. It does not matter who is the end client whom you are working for.

If you cannot prove the salary paid on paper, then i am afraid you may not get positive assessment.

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So, if I get salary slips and employment letter that should suffice to show the paid salary on paper correct ?

Read the complete list of documents required for ACS assessment here.