221g white slip nothing mark on it

So My fiance had her interview done in Islamabad Pakistan and Officer gave her 221g white slip with nothing mark on it. Only thing is written under general requirement need passport with correction. So is it her visa denied.
Visa type. Employment base perm labor.

Hi @zmkarim

Can you share the picture of form 221g given by Visa officer?

Has your fiancee’s passport been returned by embassy?

Ok, now i understand what is required to be done.

Your question was not clear.

Visa has not been rejected. The new passport is required with whatever is missing currently.

If her visa has not been rejected. what would usually happen once she submit the passport.

Hi @zmkarim

US embassy Visa officer will decide what happens next. They usually approve it if the document that they requested is good enough.

If not, they may ask for more information or call for another interview.

VO told her to just submit the passport. VO also told her she does not have to come again for interview.
I really hope she get the visa.
Also when i search online regarding the 221g slip they have marking on AP but for my fiance nothing is mark. So is that a good sign.
Thanks for help

Hi @zmkarim

Your fiancee’s form 221g has been marked. You are not understanding the whole thing.

When people say ‘mark’ on form 221g, they mean that something has not been ticked for submission. Your form 221g does have a tick mark against ‘passport’.

@Anil.Gupta I meant to say tick mark in top section where they say no visa will be issse …
Or you need Ap. that’s where I was confuse
Because of that i didn’t know if her visa denied or not. Or she will get Visa or not. Thank you for helping

@Anil.Gupta how long will it take to hear from US Embassy once my fiance submit her passport.
Also as you saw the white slip she got. what are your thoughts on it. u have seen many form like this so wanted to know what you think would happen.


It can take anywhere from 1 week to 6+ weeks. The time varies with each individual US embassy.

The time may be less or more at the embassy your fiancee has applied.

My fiance just submitted the passport and embassy received it. this is the status “Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate”

When they ask for document or passport correction do they usually tell their decision or they do not.
and when they ask for passport with correction do they give visa?

US embassy does not share the decision when you submit the passport. But, when they ask for passport, the visa is usually issued.

I read online that there are different color of 221G slip and each color mean different thing. In few of the post here i see mostly blue color slip not white slip. Does different color of slip has different meaning.
as my fiance got white slip so should i be more worried about it as it says bellow that case handed over to USCIS.

this is what I read.

  • 221(g) Blue Form: A blue form implies that the US Visa Consulate needs an additional supporting document(s) to take a decision on a visa application.

  • 221(g) White Form: A white form indicates a complex category under 221(g). This slip denotes the need for further processing wherein it is handed over to the USCIS and the decision is finally taken based on the information gained from the USCIS.

  • 221(g) Pink Form: A pink form is issued when the Visa officer is suspects the information provided within the petition. This could be related to work, qualification or purpose of visit. Cases like these require additional administrative processing. If you receive a pink form, the visa officer will provide you with a reference ID where you can track the status of each application online.

  • 221(g) Yellow Form: A yellow form is issued when the visa consulates need more time to look at the documentation provided by the applicant. Depending upon how extensive this is, the time to revert can fluctuate. These type of cases require general administrative processing to substantiate the document(s).

Each embassy uses its own color coding and the meaning and context varies. There is no single standard that’s followed around the world as far as I know.

Its been 2 week since my fiance submitted her correct passport. should she contact embassy and find out about the case. Even online there is not update since her interview which was one month ago.

You can email or call embassy to ask for the current status.

in apply for usa visa website where we can track passport. it use to show that passport still at the embassy. Now it show this There is no status update available for the passport number submitted.
Does this usually happen.

Are you sure you are entering correct data?

Yes. I m entering correct data

I am not sure why is it showing a different status then.