Australia PR SkillSelect Job Occupation List Questions & Answers

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Hello Anil

As per the latest update in australia-pr-skillselect-job-occupation-list page, the points required for 262113 needs 95points and is open for only NSW.
Does that mean the minimum cut off required for that occupation in that state is 95?
And all the applications less than 95 hold no chance of getting a PR?
I have 80points(including 5 points of state sponsorship).

Kindly help me understand the situation.


The points shown on official Australia Immigration site are only for 189 visa.

State points are not disclosed.

The point requirement changes every month and may come down in future. But, chance of getting invite are low with 75/80 points are low given the current trend.

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Hi Anil,

I just want know how much point is require for Biochemist occupation for getting Invitation. It’s come under the Life Science Group sot they will divide all the eight occupation with equally or which occupation has high point they will invite them ? With 80 point biochemist has chance of getting Invitation on source.

Points for each job code as per most recent draw are given in the list. Please check.

Hello Anil sir , I live in a regional area (ACT) , so unlike others , I would be required less points than other applicants …right? and how to know that how many points are needed for PR (for technology field jobs), if I am living in a regional area.

I suggest to use the calculator to find the points.