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Greetings Anil,

I am, Sunder, a software tester by profession with 7years and 9 months of relevant experience in the same occupation as of 22-jan-2020.

I have got my skills assessment report and scored 80 points overall under subclass 190.

Breakdown of my points as below:
Age: 30
Education: 15
Employment: 10 (Considering experience till date)
Sponsorship: 5
PTE : 10
Marital points: 10 (Single)

I am planning to apply for Australia PR, before which i wanted to know what are my chances of getting PR with 80 points for Skill code 261314?

Also, on 1st April 2020 i will have 8 years of experience, so will that add 5 points to my experience and shoot up my overall points to 85?

Please advise.

Sunder Rajan

Hi @SunderRajan

85 will be a good score but might take about 4-5 months to get an invite based on current trend.

Hi @SunderRajan I am also looking to apply with code 261314 Software Tester. However, during submission of EOI I got a message that “The client’s nominated occupation is not on the relevant occupation list for this subclass”. I was able to submit for 190 but as far i have read on Skilled nomination requirements NSW considers guys with 79+ in PTE (Superior english). I too have Proficient english (65+ in PTE). Please share on your current state and if you were able to submit EOI for 189.

@Anil.Gupta You inputs will be of real help.


Hello Asyush,
You can’t apply EOI for 189 with 261314 skill assessment.

Thanks ratheeshpd for the reply.

Please suggest if I should invest my time and energy for studying for PTE with target to get 79+ across all sections or should I wait for visa 190 with current submission of 80 points(chances if any with this) or get ACS again for 261313 (software engineer).

Please help me prioritize these 3 paths that I see now.

Hello Aayush,

In my opinion, it’s always better to add 10 points if you can, by getting 79+ in PTE.

You may try to do for 261313 too. But I heard it’s too difficult to get positive assessment from ACS nowadays. But if you submit all documents, you would definitely get it. Chance is always better for 13 compared to 14.

Unfortunately we’ve submitted for both and waiting for invite. 261314 in October’19 and 261313 in January’20. Not sure how long it would take. Point is 80+5. We’re expecting 5 more points next month with increase in experience.

Hi @Anil.Gupta ,

I have EOI submitted under 261314 under Subclass 491 with 95 points , in December 2019.
What do you think about chances of invite ?
Simultaneously , I have submitted EOI for NSW , QLD and VIC with 85 points under sub class 190.


Hi @Ashi

95 is a good score for an invite. The timeline cannot be estimated though.

Thanks For your response @Anil.Gupta
What are your thoughts on 85 points for sub class 190 please ?

Is it possible for applying the assessment for both 261313 and 261314?

I had previously applied for 261314 and now my assessment has expired. My work is into automation which involves coding as well. So can I apply for acs assessment for 261313 and 261314 at the same time?

Hi @Nakul_Rathi

You can apply for as many assessment as you want with different job codes.

The only problem is that your money may be wasted as ACS looks at your work reference letters and it is difficult to justify that you are eligible for both codes at same time.

What if I apply for 261314 and once I get the positive assessment, then I could go for 261313.

For software tester 261314 and as a offshore applicant, i have 190 option open for only Victoria and I have read somewhere Victoria had sent very few invites for 261314.

Also, for which states is 261314 open for 491 visa without job offer and for offshore applicant?(since I have seen may states have the condition of job offer to be eligible for 491 visa)

HI @Aayush_Gupta,

I haven’t submitted my application yet considering the current draw for 261314. Also, there is no information regarding 190 invitation rounds in the immigration site (below is the link).

Not sure, if they will accept software testers profile going forward or in the near future temporarily.

@ratheeshpd (you can find him in this thread), has applied with 85 points for the same profile and have not received any update yet.

Sunder Rajan

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HI @Ashi,

Which code are you applying sc190 for? and if you did, Could you please share updates on the same if any?

Even i have 85 points for sc190 for code 261314.

Sunder Rajan

HI @Nakul_Rathi,

Even i have the same question. I have both Manual and Automation Skills which is mentioned in the Referral Letters that i received from my organizations.

I got to know from one consultancy that in order to apply as software engineer for 261313 code, all the referral letters from all the organizations must mention about the R&R related to Software Engineer only after which it is acceptable.

Sunder Rajan

Hello @sunder,

You can go for 261313 assessment if your work is more related to automation and can write the matching requirements. Only thing, now it’s very much strict compared to earlier months and ACS rejection rate is more.

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i applied for 261314