I130 Processing Time for family - Questions and Answers

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My sister has file I 130 at california on 19th Dec 2014 and got receipt notice. How long it will take.

Hi Anil my husband apply for a i130 for me since December 11,2017 until now haven’t get a approval do you know when can I receive the approval my country is Haiti

I got my case approved in 2014 and still waiting for visa approval. How much time does it gonna take?

@Anil.Gupta Plese help.

Hi @vickaheer

You want me to guess your case details?

My mom is the beneficiary in the case. Our case was applied in 2011 and we got an approval in 2014.

Sorry @vickaheer

I cannot help. You are simply just wasting time. Talk to an attorney who will charge you money and then you will be inclined to share all your case details.

@Anil.Gupta As per you how long it takes for spouse of USC to get visa interview date after documents have been qualified?

The website shows the table format for this but it does not clarify on spouse of USC or brother or sister.

Hi @hnjoshi

The time is same for all cases handled by NVC.

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Sorry @Xhei_Ndoj

I do not share any individual case estimates at this time.

Hi @Anil.Gupta just curious, are these processing times for I 130 accurate coz in the USCIS processing time website it is showing current receipt date as of November 30, 2018 for Nebraska service center. I am confused which one is right…? Please help me out

This data is collected based on various forums where users share their case details. The data shown on am22tech shows you both best case date and worst case date.

USCIS shows you the date which is probably the oldest case’s receipt date.

My receipt date is December 30, 2019. What could possibly be an estimation date for my case? Can you tell please

Sorry, I do not estimate individual cases.

hey @Anil.Gupta
I have a question
Why the receipt date at Fastes approved cases in California s.c has 1 week that is at 19 september ?
Thank you in advance :+1:t2:

I do not understand your question. Can you rephrase?