I130 Processing Time for family - Questions and Answers

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Hi i am green card holder I filed for my unmarried son under 21 years old in California center and my receipt date October 5th 2017 how long more you think will need for approval

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Hi @Mujahed
You can expect I130 approval for your son by March 2021.

Hi guys I filled 130 form for pareent as usc on 23 of jan 2019 Texas service center when should expect approval

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Hello I Have a question about I-130 I filed it for my husband on oct 9,2018 when should I expect an approval?

Hi @abdul_ghafar
You can expect your parents I140 approval by Aug 2019 second week end.

Hi @Nada_Nazar
Are you US citizen? Which service center have you filed your application at?

Anil But the website said 18.5 my son under 21 and unmarried and I filed for him on October 5th 2017

Yes I am a citizen, my lawyer filed for me at the Taxes service center

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Hi @Mujahed
Sorry, my mistake. I counted your case as if you were a US citizen. Missed the ‘Green card’ statement.

You are right.

Hi @Nada_Nazar
You can expect to receive approval anytime now.


Again I am Green card holder i filed i130 for my child back on October 5th 2017 in California center He is under 21 years and unmarried please how long will take

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Hi @Mujahed
You can expect your I-130 approval by July 2019 end.

Hi @Anil.Gupta
when can i expect for my I-130 petition under 21 old approval (California service center) . My sponsor is a green card holder. my priority day is december, 18 2017.
I’m sorry I can not estimate it myself … Thanks

I cannot estimate for each individual case either.

Hey! My husband is a green card holder and filed petition in March 2018. The receipt date given to us is 13th March 2018. The service center is California. Do you have any idea when i can possibly get an approval?
Edit: i am residing in Pakistan

Hi @Amna

I cannot estimate for each individual case. Sorry.

But any idea? Anything that can give me hope?

Can you please explain to me what the “best case receipt date” means? Is it important?
Also is everything that you post authentic? Just curious.

Hi @Amna
The “best case receipt date” means the case which our service found to have been approved most recently. The cases are checked on various forums where users report their approvals.

It is up-to you to believe it or not.