Passport is printed and will be delivered shortly

Hi all,
I recently filed for Tatkal passport renewal with address change. The address I provided was of USA and for the police verification, I provided the Indian address.
My parents have informed me that there has been no police verification but the application on Passport seva shows “Passport is printed and will be delivered shortly.” I am little confused as to why the status changed without the police verification.

Police verification can happen pre or post approval of application (or even after passport is printed and sent). Nothing unusual about it. Do not worry!

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@Diwedy I’m applying for passport renewal at houston. Can I get my new passport if police verification is pending in india? Please help.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to say. There’s no set pattern. Many a times, Passport Printing initiates only post PV. Other times, they print and send the passport even before PV is initiated or completed.

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