Printout paper size - Potrait / Landscape?


For folks who already who already submitted their application for passport renewal, what sort of a paper size did you guys select and whether you did portrait or landscape ?

It appears that the application form that is produced via Government Website is a little weird pdf from printout perspective.

Any inputs. anil_am22


Hi, I called VFS - they said print on A4 paper - Fedex cut paper to size and printed it (portrait)- From VFS checklist , they ask signature on Page 1 and Page 4 , so ensure it fits in 4 pages - that’s what I did - just sent my application yesterday :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

@Bhakti_Sakhrani Thanks for the response, there are total 6 pages in Government Application PDF file. So how did you manage to get it on 4 pages?


I went to the Indian Government application and pressed print application. Then the print preview menu opened and I changed the paper size option to A4 and changed the scale of the print to 82%. I also unchecked print headers and footers to give the print more room. I changed the option from print to send in mail (as PDF) and emailed It to Fedex. This is on a MacBook by the way so some of the menu options maybe be different on Windows.I looked online for A4 size dimensions and showed Fedex At fedex they did not have A4 size paper so they cut down a larger sheet to A4 size then they printed it.

Wow, I wonder why they expect us to print on A4 even though they have not mentioned anything on their website.


Also where does it say, that it has to be 4 pages. I just changed from Letter to A4 without scaling and it produces it in 5 pages.

I wonder if it’s ok to send 5 pages?


On the checklist , it says sign on page 1 and page 4

Yaah, I just noticed the same. Not 100% sure, why they did not care to mention all of this and if they are going to reject the application, if the scaling is a bit too small.


yes bit smaller- best that I could do :crossed_fingers:

See above link - I read on this very forum

But this was when they use to be with CKGIS. I do see your point that they have mentioned to sign it on page 4, where as in reality now that’s page 6.

My only concern is that they NOT should reject our application just because of the scaling.
By the way, how did you sent it to Fedex via email?


I sent out my whole application packet just yesterday with fedex for delivery today. Used VFS Fedex option. Will update. Also, note that some of the posts on the link are recent too.

I also sent out yesterday and they received it today.
On a second thought, i am thinking that i should not have done scaling since the photograph box was a bit small… hope they don’t reject the application. Fingers crossed.

Do update this pot once you get your passport.


Will definitely update

@Bhakti_Sakhrani Any update on your application? I am also in the same situation and confused whether to scale it down to fit into 4 pages or just go with 5 pages.
Also, silly question - but the printed application form has some details missing like Place of issue, Date of issue, File No etc. I am guessing, this is expected since the Passport is a new passport?

@Kaushik_Kas Yep, you are right … these details are expected to be blank, because it’s a new passport and that’s basically your first page of your passport.


@Kaushik_Kas Are you planning to file under normal processing?

@Neeraj_Vasudeva Thank you! Yes, I have opted for normal processing

No update yet - fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Same happened to me. Basically it is a web page that we are printing it out, and it is content oriented and can or cannot be printed in 4 pages for every case. I applied the renewal under normal process and it printed in 5 pages. they should have said sign on first and last page. (1st and 4th doesn’t make any sense in all the cases). My application is delivered by Fedex to NYC location on 18th Nov, but I still haven’t received any updates from VFS global yet on the status of my application. anybody has same experience?