Renewal of minor Indian Passport at USA - Police Verification Initiated email

@Anil.Gupta, Can you please assist on this situation:

We are in USA and applied for reissue of my kids (minors) Indian passports in USA (sent documents to Washington DC). However after I got an email saying, police verification initiated at Indian address. Since entire family is here including kinds in USA and no one will be at India address. Is there any action required from my end. Please let me know. Thanks! Does minor also have police verification?

I have the same issue. I have applied for passport renewal but still received an email that police verification initiated at India address. Its been 2 weeks the passport has not been processed by Indian embassy in San Francisco.

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Why did you use Indian address if entire family is in USA and nobody is in India?

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I’m in the same boat. I got an email for police verification today initiated at my Indian address. Again no one is @Indian address as my parents came here and are on stuck due to COVID and don’t plan to fly back until September. I had opted to get my address changed from India address to US address for my passport renewal. Not sure why that initiated verification in India? Thoughts? Advice? @Anil.Gupta

Normally, they do not do any physical police verification in India.

But, Indian embassy does send your case to Indian regional passport center to get a clearance.

I do not think that there is anything to worry here. It seems like they have started sending emails now even though this process was done earlier without sending any emails.

I think that you should get clearance.

A reliable source has confirmed this with me privately:

Hi Anil, Thanks.

  • I received police verification initiated Email on - wed 7/22 15:00 PST.

  • Police verification indeed happened on Thu 7/23 1:00 PM in India, they went to my father’s residence, where my brother is staying. No documents were collected.

  • Today I received an email from SFO that my passport is dispatched and I will receive it on Monday.

Lesson learned - I have to put US address when I am staying in US address.

Thanks for your prompt responses @Anil.Gupta . Similar story here. Got police verification initiated email 2 days back and now today I got that my passport is in in transit back to me via FedEx


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I recently applied for my child’s passport as she had crossed 15. Got a notification that they have sent the application for police verification in India. Is this a standard practice? I have asked for Indian address (already in her current passport) to be printed in the renewed passport. Also, since we are in USA, what is police going to verify?


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I am facing the same thing. Had applied for my kid’s passport with Indian address.

Someone from police station called up my relative in India (whose phone number I had mentioned in the form) asking for documents.

My relative stays in a different city and obviously cannot give any documents belonging to my kid. He conveyed the same to the police officer and the officer hung up after that. This happened last week and I’m still waiting for any status update or notification.

Not sure why they are doing these kinds of verification when the passport is clearly applied for an NRI and the person is not staying in India.

Also, there is no change in address from previous passport. And that too for a minor. Any thoughts or suggestions @Anil.Gupta

Hi, Looks like we are in the same situation. Did you get your renewed passport?

@anil_am22 Same issue with happened Yday Night got email of Police Verification, however UPS says it’s been dispatched. So I am not sure what’s the process. Yes we have given Indian Address since 10 Years back when passport renewed in Houston we have given same Indian address there is no change. However I applied in Tatkal process that’s the only difference. Today UPS is not updating anything in the website if the package is shipped or not. Any Idea?

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did you get any update ? did you receive the Passport ?

No, if it’s Tatkal then this is happening someone did normal process they did not had issue.
Why do we put USA Address ? since we are citizens of India and it will ask Indian Address only since it’s recirecting to NRI form.

yes, I got the renewed passport in mail today, but not sure about the police verification email that I got yesterday, whether I need to take any action in this regard.


Looks My Passport also is on the way got message from UPS that it is arriving on Monday Morning…let’s see …will keep posted.

Ignore but just keep a word in India if they call or come.

My passport renewal is in progress at SFO Embassy. I got an email ‘Initiation of Police Verification Request…’. Someone from my local police station did visit my home within 2 days and asked to provide following:

  1. Application that my relative will present documents on my behalf (kind of coverletter with my signature)
  2. Passport pages (1st, last, Visa stamp, Entry and Exit stamps of recent India visit - luckily I took pictures of all pages before sending my current passport)
  3. Identification for my relative
    Still awaiting update (almost a week) since I got the initial email.
    Will keep everyone posted here.

Bottomline - police verification does happen.

Hope this helps.

All the best.

Today my wife passport came as verification and sms went to her brothers mobile in india with officer name and no update on ckgs site says under process at embassy…so what’s going on anyone know…

@anil_am22 Hi Anil, I applied for renewal of my son’s (minor, 10 year old) passport to Atlanta center. I received the new passport on 6th working day (on September 8th) after sending my application through UPS. The passport address is the same Indian address as it was before. But now someone from local police station (in India) is calling on my Indian mobile number (it is with my parents in India) asking for various documents, which even passport office didn’t ask for. He already verified my Indian address and asked my neighbors about us. I have contacted that person over phone and when I told him that my parents are old and they cannot visit police station to drop my documents, he told that he can pick those up from my parents’ house. My question is whether police verification is still needed after getting a minor’s passport one and half months ago? Waiting for your reply. Advance thanks.