Software tester apply as Software engineer

Hi Anil,
Please could you help answer my doubts for Australia PR process ?

  1. I am a Software tester, can I assess my experience via ACS as a Software engineer ? As it has access to visa subclass 189…

  2. what are the chances for a Software tester to be invited under 491 subclass ?

  3. My points are going to be between 75-85 depending on how I score in PTE. Is this enough to get invitation ?

  4. Is Canada better or Australia to migrate from India ?

  5. my spouse skill assessment will give me extra 5 points or it should be present in the same list as Software tester which is SOL… ?

Software tester as Software Engineer

The assessment result depends on what you write in your roles and responsibilities letter. If the day to day activities that you performed were like a software engineer, then you can get a positive assessment.

Chances of Software tester

Chances of invite are low for software tester in 189, 190 and 491 at this time.

Points required for invite

The points requirement varies by each ANZSCO code. You need to first choose the code and then get the assessment done. At this time, 75+ points are required to have any realistic chance of any invite.

Canada vs Australia

If you are in India, either is fine to migrate. Just grab whichever country invites you.

Spouse Points

Spouse job code should fall in same occupation list to be eligible to contribute points to your profile.

Many thanks Anil for your quick reply.

To elaborate on first question. I do write code for Automation testing and write SQL’s for BI testing. But I dont write code to fix a defect. I will have to tweak my roles and responsibilities to come inline with a Software Engineer roles… Is this advisable to tweak ? How does ACS verify ?

Also if a ANZSCO code description asks for registration or license… what this means ? Like 241511. My wife has the same roles and responsibilities as 241511.


ACS will rely on the roles and responsibilities mentioned on the letter if it has been issued by employer on their letter head.

Many people have tried it and they have got positive assessment in past.

The registration requirement means that the job would need a license before you can start work in Australia.

Many thanks Anil for all your help and advice.
Few more ques for the expert :slightly_smiling_face:

So if I arrange a doc with roles and responsibilities of a Software engineer and arrange someone to approve those on a notarised stamp paper ACS will rely on it and not verify ? Some agents in India are saying that ACS cross verifies by contact the approver or company.

Secondly my wife’s skill as I mentioned in previous comment requires a registration/licence before she starts working in Australia. So can I make primary applicant ? As her skill code is in medium and long term requirement list.

The chances of verification are higher if the letter is suspicious and has not been issued by HR.

If the letter is genuine, ACS will not usually verify.

I don’t understand your second question.

My second question is that my wife’s skill code 241511.
She is not registered nor licenced. Can I assess her skills under this code and make her primary applicant ?
Assuming, you said she will need registered or licenced before she takes up any work in Australia…

You can apply for job code which matches the profile currently. The licensing and registration will come later.

Many thanks. You are a star.
You are doing a great job by helping us. God bless you.
Will get back to you for more doubts if I have any.

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Hi ,

I have 9 years of automation experience worked in 4 different company out of which in two companies my designation has been mentioned as software test engineer and senior software test engineer respectively.

the question is that can i apply the acs for software engineer role though my designation mentioned as tester in two companies.

The role name does not matter.

What matters is the daily activities that you performed and what has been written in details work experience letter.

If your detailed work experience letter mentions your activities as software development, then only ACS will evaluate it as software engineer.

Hi Anil, I am a software tester and am planning to apply under 261313 code. I want to apply for 189 and 190 . please advise if this is the right move.

Hi @Aparna_Dey

Please read the above discussion.

Hi All,

Can i do my assessment with ACS against 261399 - Software and Application Programmer ANZSCO code?

my exp letters do have the roles and responsibilities mentioned as 261399. But the designation has ‘QA’ mentioned in it.

Does ACS look at the designation while assessing?

what are the chances of filing assessment for 261312 - Developer Programmer?

@Anil.Gupta - Can you please suggest?

Hi @riyapatil31

Please read above.

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I work as a automation tester. Please suggest which Anzsco code is suitable for me?
261313 or 261314. I am planning to submit ACS assessment which ANZSCO code is suitable for my position.

Hi. I’m working as ICT QA engineer. But I can get service letter with the roles of ICT QA Engineer or Software Engineer.

May I know which one is good to evaluate with ACS to be nominated easily? Which job code is mostly getting opened for nomination? Software engineer or ICT QA ENGINEER?

P.s. my designation is always ICT QA. But roles will be changed according to SE

Hi @Sameer_Agarwal,

I’m also working as Automation Testing Engineer and do write code in Java with Selenium. Just want to check with you if you did received positive response from ACS after applying as Software Engineer?

Also, Please review my attached Roles & Responsibilities and see if these are relevant for Software Engineer. If not, I will try to modify these roles & responsibilities

@Sameer_Agarwal @Nitish_Goyal

Could you please let me know whether you received positive response from ACS when you applied for Software engineer role being a Automation tester