VFS Registration - No Activation Mail

Hi, I tried to register with VFS to continue my passport renewal process. I completed the government application form. But I haven’t received any activation mail. I tried with two different email ids and none of them worked. I did it on a Sunday, I am wondering if it works only during weekdays. Did anyone face similar issue?

Hi - Trying doing it tomorrow. The site may be down or not working as intended, due to maintenance during weekend.


I am facing the same issue, tried multiple email addresses but still was not able to receive activation link. Now I am concerned that how will I use my previously created account to get the activation link. Please help

I did get the activation mail on Monday. So most likely you will get it too.

Hi, I have the same problem. It’s been many hours since I registered but no activation email. Is there someone you had to follow up with ?


How did you solve this problem?

I am in the same boat. Have registered with different emails over an entire week and no account activation email on any email account.

I have written to vfs too.

Were you able to receive the email? I’m in the same boat

I am in this same situation. Please keep me posted if any solution is found. I have written to VFS too.

Hey guys, any updates on receiving the activation link?

I have tried creating a profile using multiple mail-IDs across both weekends and weekdays but haven’t received activation link on any mail yet. I also tried the ‘reset password’ trick but didn’t get any mail that way either.